Friday, June 1, 2012

Adam: The wounded husband

He was looking upwards, pruning branches, when she finally found him. Intent as he was on his work, he had not heard her approach, so she stood for a moment to watch him.

Adam gently broke of some branches. He was tending to the tree, exposing the fruit to the sun, so that it would grow and ripen. More than that he was also molding, forming the tree. He was directing its growth so that it would mature into the unique shape he had envisioned for it.

As he stretched upwards for one of the higher branches, her eyes drifted to the scar on his side. It seemed to grow, to lengthen, as the skin tightened around his ribs. She was the cause of that scar, of the hole in his chest.

Quietly, she circled around the trees so that she would not be seen. Then she quickly sprinted through the grass, wrapped her arms around his chest, level with the scar, and squeezed herself against him. His arms still raised, he looked down over his shoulder at her. She gave him a quick kiss between his shoulders, smiled, and said, “I love you.”

If there was a single word that could be used to describe creation, it would be “good.” The Bible tells us that God created light, saw it, and declared that it was good. He separated the dry land from the sea, and He saw that it was good. Over and over, the creation is expanded, assessed, and declared to be good.

The Bible tells us that God formed man from the dust of the earth and breathed life into him. Adam was then placed in the garden that God had prepared for him. Yet God surveys the situation and states, “It is not good that man should be alone!” A parade of animals are brought before Adam, and though he gives a name to every one, no suitable helper is found.

So God causes Adam to fall into a deep sleep. God then opens his side, removes one of his ribs, and closes up the flesh. From that rib He fashions Eve. She is brought to Adam, presented to him, and they become husband and wife.

Christ did not sleep but died so that a suitable helper, bride, companion could be fashioned for Him. His hands and side bears the scars of that transaction. The church will one day be presented to her bridegroom. And in that day we will wonder at the price paid for us.

(Genesis 2)